Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A selection of new cards!

Hi Everyone

Sorry i havent been around for a little while, but i thought i would post some new cards before i go off on my holidays.

' Hope this happy little note
Adds sunshine to your day,
And shows you that you're thought of
In a warm and special way.'

£1.50 + Free P&P

A delightful summer themed accordian style card, with a bronze metallic trim.

The verse inside reads

'Best Wishes'

£2.50 + Free P&P

£2.00 + Free P&P

'How lucky that you two should meet,
To make each other's lives complete
Congratulations and Best Wishes'

£2.00 + Free P&P

'A sweet little treasure
Sent from above,
A coo and a smile
Wrapped up in love.
On your new baby'

£2.00 + Free P&P

£2.00 + Free P&P


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